Market entry planning B2B distribution

A large European automotive after-market company had identified a sub-segment of car accident repair that they were confident would support a dedicated product range. They had successfully introduced a limited range to this sub-segment in Spain and required support to objectively validate their assumptions and strategy, and to asses the potential in other large European markets. Should the assumptions and strategy be validated, then a full product range for the sub-segment would be introduced: to existing customers and those in the new markets.

Based on existing market sizing and car population, Italy, France and the UK were identified as the markets with most potential and were the focus of the market entry study.


  • Client: Automotive Aftermarket
  • Location: Europe
  • Date: 2016
  • Category: Sales Effectiveness & Channel Strategy

The key challenge was identifying and quantifying the market size of a sub-segment within the auto repair industry. Published data sources at this granular level are just not available and therefore customer interviews, assumption development and extrapolation were the key to building the full picture.

By conducting extensive interviews with multiple stakeholders in the key markets of UK, France and Italy, we were able to build a comprehensive picture of the market potential and recommend price positioning and value propositions. From here, a business plan was built which was further validated with follow-up interviews and research conducted with potential channel partners and end-users. These validation interviews were conducted under the security of a non-disclosure agreement.

Strategic go / no-go decisions made for each market under consideration Business model and plan developed and signed off by main board Price positioning developed into full pricing model for product range Commercial terms package (discount structure / rebates) developed and signed off Market entry plan developed and implemented in UK