Meet the Team

Our Expert Advisors And Associates

Founder and Principal Consultant

Barry Edney

Barry is an experienced business consultant focused on developing and establishing the process, organisation and tools required to achieve sustainable improvements in pricing and margin.

Clients range from SMEs to corporate business units and portfolio companies. Typically they are involved in manufacturing or distributing through professional sales teams and distributor channels to business customers (B2B or B2B2C).

Whether you are a start-up wanting to scale; an established business looking to develop sales strategies; seeking to fine-tune your marketing; optimising your product assortment; setting up distributor-based sales; or an investor looking to maximise margins before exit ... Whatever your Burning Issue, Barry's team can help!

Principal Consultant, Marketing and Branding

Julian Graves

Julian has over 30 years’ experience in brand, marketing and communications at global, regional (EMEA) and local levels.  In 2021, he completed Marketing Week’s Mini-MBA in Brand Management, providing a comprehensive methodology for annual brand planning.

He has worked for prestigious advertising agencies (Saatchi’s, BBDO, Leo Burnett) with clients that include Procter & Gamble, Mars, PepsiCo, Philips, FedEx, and Citibank.  Followed by senior marketing roles at British American Tobacco, McCormick, Hospedia and management consultancy Pearson Ham - The Pricing Specialists.

A passionate believer in the importance of strong brand building to generate sustainable long-term profitability and, through defining differentiated brand and product positionings, the ability to command customer loyalty at premium prices.

If your burning issue is that your brand and marketing are seen as a cost not an investment, are not central to your business growth strategy and held in less regard than the drive to cut costs and make sales then Julian can help your business unlock the power of premium pricing through a focus on brand building and management.

Data Specialist & CRM Expert

Jamie Allan

Jamie has over 40 years of successfully delivering CRM and data-focused business solutions, including being an early adopter of customer profiling / customer experience for major companies such as Renault and Audi/VW.

As a CRM and customer data specialist, Jamie’s experience is invaluable in helping you to get the most from your business by focusing on the customers that you already have, and uses data and Digital Transformation to achieve this. This analysis is a key step in customer data profiling (Pareto, Segmentation, Demographics) that is an essential part of building good pricing strategies and practices. This Customer Journey, experience and CRM expertise is key to getting the right price, for the right product, for the right customer, at the right time.

Sales Effectiveness and Channel Specialist

Amit Vaidya

Amit Vaidya is a life-science graduate with more than 40 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

He has had an extensive career in sales management, sales training, commercial excellence, pricing and marketing roles. His commercial experience spans Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Amit typically works with clients to help them with business issues on commercial strategy, sales effectiveness, and supply and distribution models for route-to-market via distributors. Focus areas include diagnostic reviews, pricing and market access, commercial excellence and sales force effectiveness as well as marketing excellence.