Burning Issues Consulting

Our objective view and years of experience offer a real edge!

Our Focus

Our focus is to help manufacturing and distribution businesses deliver better top-line and margin results where change needs to happen quickly - the Burning Issues - and where our objective view and years of experience offer a real edge.

We focus on the key business activities and functions that directly impact pricing and margin outcomes, not just the digits on the invoice.

Why focus on pricing? Of all the areas of business, actions that influence pricing and margin are the areas that generate the largest returns in the shortest amount of time.

Our Approach

We go beyond recommendations, to provide tangible insights on what to do and how to do it. We help clients implement solutions that see value flow through to the P&L.

  • Our approach is highly collaborative
  • We are flexible, identifying what works best in your organisation to build on your strengths
  • We don’t just ‘do pricing’. We work with your team to embed expertise

Business Areas We Support

Pricing Strategy

Before an organisation begins its price improvement journey, it is essential to ensure that there is a clearly defined pricing strategy in place. We help you clarify your pricing ambitions and define your business goals for your brands and products, in each of your active customer and distributor segments.

Pricing Plans and Margin Optimisation

Differences in customer requirements and service needs should be identified and reflected in appropriate pricing and service levels to improve profitability. We help you develop a structured approach that can be consistently applied across segment and customer types, to achieve objectives around volumes, mix and customer satisfaction.

People, Data and Tools

While existing reporting tools and spreadsheets are a good place to start, as the processes and the practice of pricing matures within a business, different processes and more sophisticated tools are required. We deliver competitive advantage by helping you harness the power of people, data and tools to capture untapped pricing opportunities.

Sales Effectiveness and Channel Strategy

Good pricing practices are only effective if the sales function has the tools and support to effectively implement them. We work with you to identify all opportunities for improvement across sales activities including new market entry, implementing a ‘Value Selling’ approach, CRM improvements and sales channel development.

Every business has burning issues. What are yours?

If you would like to discuss your burning issues, do feel free to contact us on the number or email below.

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  • info@burningissuesconsulting.com
Meet Our team

Our Expert Advisory

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Barry Edney

Founder and Principle Consultant

Jamie Allan

Data Specialist and CRM Expert

Amit Vaidya

Sales Effectiveness and Channel Specialist